What is New World?

New World aims to build a decentralized VR travel world based on decentralized storage, blockchain, VR/AR/HM, IOT, and intelligent hardware. The project forms a development model combining tourism, VR and blockchain to create a decentralized, secure and transparent VR tourism resource sharing platform. All kinds of tourism information will be shared in this large, stable and transparent tourism community. A global trusted tourism industry public chain with blockchain 3.0 technology will be built to create a more free, fair, open and efficient tourism ecosystem.

  • Blockchain
  • VR/AR/HM
  • 5G information transmission
  • slope photography
  • 10T
  • Intelligent hardware

New World market demand

New World is not only suitable for general tourists, it is more suitable for disabled people, elderly people, people with relatively low income, and vulnerable groups who are not suitable for long-distance travel. The application of virtual reality technology allows users to experience natural scenery at home. It can enrich the life of the elderly and disabled patients, and satisfy their psychological and spiritual needs.

Decentralized virtual tourism blockchain co-creation platform

create a global consensus in the community, distributed high quality VR tourism ecology based on the blockchain's distributed collaborative architecture, value coordination mechanism, and certificate-based incentive mechanism with IP parties,

channel parties, developers, investors, operators, users and other ecological participants.

New World, Anyone can do Anything.

New World co-creation platform

  • Base layer

    Rebuilding the Earth's landscape and natural environment in a virtual world, and complete by the New World Foundation Technology and R&D Committee

  • Real Asset layer

    scan the real estate of the physical world and reconstruct it in the virtual world. For the specialized holographic mining machine iMiner developed by the New World Foundation's joint mining machine manufacturer, miners can use iMiner to scan real-world items and rebuild them in the virtual world. n the process, miners can not only get NWT as rewards while the ownership of real estate in the virtual world is also owned by the miners

  • Application layer

    In the basic framework of New World, we will provide a development language named Dlang, developers can build a variety of applications in the virtual world based on Dlang, such as virtual shopping malls, virtual online travel, virtual online social networking, etc

New World Virtual Tourism Ecology Application

New World eco layout and business model

NWT certification economy

NWT is a certificate that all members of the New World platform trust and hold. It’s negotiable, shareable, and has extremely valuable use scenarios, traffic value, and user attention value. NWT will be able to use its circulation in the New World eco-market, the national promotion market, the development market, and the trading market to realize its commercial value.

New World Technical Architecture

  • Main chain + side chain mechanism

    PoW+PoS consensus main chain and multiple functional side chains with independent consensus mechanisms, security levels, throughput and data storage

  • Mixed consensus mechanism

    The main chain adopts the hybrid consensus mechanism of PoW+PoS; the side chain adopts the PoA consensus mechanism

  • Advanced smart contract

    In the New World ecosystem, many constraints are written into smart contracts, such as the permission rules of ecological participants, trading rules in the ecology, etc

  • Capacity expansion and cross-chain technology

    Plasma layered side chain protocol, using PoA as a consensus algorithm, the number of transactions per second can reach thousands

  • Digital Asset on Chain Agreement

    Establish a multi-level correspondence mechanism between the address and the user entity to realize real-world object scanning and reconstruct in the virtual world

  • Authorization, exchange agreement

    Authorized two-way registration to ensure the security of important trading on the platform

  • SDK design

    Provides SDK for Android and iOS to provide decentralized account management, share rewards, payment interfaces and wallet features

  • Process synergy

    Use distributed ledger technology to achieve cross-chain and cross-system privacy, as well as specific cross-chain protocols for process collaboration (distributed transactions)

Road map

  • 2018.12

    Initiated and did market surveys in December 2018

  • 2019.5

    Established foundation and released white paper in May 2019

  • 2020.3

    Launch New World main net in March 2020

  • 2020.6

    Launch more than 20 applications on New World Platform

  • 2020.12

    Launch a third party VR scenic data application on December 2020

  • 2021.3

    Launch over 100 projects on March 2021


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