CTIN & Tuji Tech

The New World Project is jointly developed by CTIN, an Australian financial investment management company, and Tuji Technology, a high-tech enterprise. With the prevailing of block chain technology and virtual technology, CTIN has been preparing for this new opportunity. Finally, in 2019, CTIN jointly created the “Tourism + VR + Block Chain” project with Tuji Technology, a leading virtual technology enterprise, based on which the New World Project emerged.

Subordinated to “Sinovation Ventures”, CTIN INVESTMENT PTY LTD (hereinafter referred to as CTIN) is a financial investment management company with global trading industry as its core. Headquartered in Melbourne, one of the key cities of Australia, CTIN has two subsidiary industrial companies, which are respectively dedicated to the financial trading industry and application of block chain technology. CTIN holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) certified by financial transaction service providers, and it also provides financial transaction evaluation and overseas listing consulting services to provide one-stop service for customers. The Company has foreign exchange trading service providers and fund management service institutions covering dozens of emerging economies in Europe and America, the European Union, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia. In the fiercely competitive and rapidly changing market, CTIN Group is committed to delivering innovative, keen market reach and being flexible, and is keen to develop into an outstanding world-class investment management company.

Tuji Tech owns the “Airspace Human Geography Database” which is exclusively constructed in China. It is also the national “leader of panoramic holographic high-definition geographic image data”, and the general agent in China concerning AI technology, artificial intelligence robots development and Microsoft aerial photography technology, with the international leading sky, space and earth integrated data acquisition and production technology. As a leader in the field of panoramic holographic big data, Tuji Tech provides high-resolution aerial images, oblique photography, three-dimensional panoramic city, high-precision street views and navigation electronic maps for the next generation of smart cities, and also provides the most detailed place-name data covering businesses, scenic spots and other historical evolution data. Through independent research and development, holding, equity participation and other forms, it realizes coverage of navigation, tourism, transportation, logistics, civil affairs and other smart industry applications.

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